Boostani is located in Geleen, Limburg, The Netherlands, on the Brightlands Chemelot Campus. This location, at the heart of a huge industrial site, offers connections to different chemical industries (including plastics). Big companies as the Saudi Arabian Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), as well as research institutes such as Aachen Maastricht Institute for BioBased Materials (AMIBM) and Maastricht University (UM) are located in the same area and via state-of-the-art facilities connections are made and maintained easily. Brightlands is specialized in Health, Food, Agriculture and Chemicals.

Maastricht University (UM) is a knowledge institute located in Maastricht, Limburg, The Netherlands. This young university has faculties in many disciplines, ranging from Business and Economics to Health and Law.

Brightlands Innovation Factory (BIF) is an incubator and accelerator of start-ups, creating a vibrant atmosphere for the creation of great ideas. The company is there as an advisory board for young companies and takes them by the hand in undergoing the extremely difficult process of starting a company. Boostani has been supported throughout the development of the company with business advise and consultancy.

Chemelot Innovation and Learning Labs (CHILL) is a cooperation of Maastricht University, Arcus College, Zuyd Hogeschool, Leeuwenborgh Opleidingen, SABIC and DSM. CHILL provides labs to operate experiments, and they moderate the flow of knowledge between companies and research institutes.

LIOF is a company supporting Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME’s) in the province of Limburg, The Netherlands. It does so by providing funding, as they do for Boostani, but also with developing entrepreneurial ideas or the development of a business plan. They rely on a strong and great network in The Netherlands as well as in-house knowledge.

Institut für Kunststoffverarbeitung (IKV) is an institute of RWTH Aachen University. IKV focuses on research in the field of plastics processing.

Young European Talent is an organization/event bringing together bright minds and talents to create a powerful and helpful network of influential people. Also, it is a way to put Limburg on the map, being at the heart of Europe, close to Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and France and its big cities.

Headstarters is a company in the south of Limburg, The Netherlands, helping small companies with employment issues. They do so by hiring staff on behalf of companies and facilitating e.g. monthly payments and insurances.

When an innovation gets to the phase that it is ready to come out, the entrepreneur will have to address completely new questions: where do I market my product or service, at what price and above all, how do I make sure everyone knows how innovative my new product or service is? Chemielink helps Boostani to answer these questions.