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Mary McCarthy, PhD

I want to put my knowledge to use to make a difference and contribution in building a circular economy.
In my spare time I like to run, running clears my mind.  I get my best ideas while running


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Margareta Merke, M.Sc.

I want to contribute to a more sustainable future in the use
of plastic materials. I believe in the power of
collaboration so I like to discuss about current challenges and create new approaches by combining technologies.


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Georg Hilscher, M.Sc.

“My passion for improvement, technical solutions and my love for science are my daily engine to turn problems into solutions. Boostani tackles one of the most urgent problems our society has and I am proud to contribute to a solution within a dynamic and motivating team.”

Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering, TU Delft, Netherlands

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Elias Verstraete Garcia

« Tackling plastic waste on the environment is a collective effort, for both the already disposed plastics and the upcoming in the form of food packaging and others. As a student in the field, Boostani allows me to present ideas and gain experience »

Chemistry and Biomaterials Student at Maastricht University​

Comité consultatif scientifique et commercial

Marc Yzer

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« I have been a business developer at Boostani in its early steps. With the experience of my own Business Innovation Company Prestazione I am always happy to help the development of Boostani to be able to achieve the amazing goal of a circular plastic economy. »

Entrepreneur, Venture Expert et Lecturer à l’Université de Maastricht.

Patrick van der Meer

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« The packaging industry need groundbreaking innovation to protect both our food and our world. Boostani offers a recyclable barrier material which will redefine the industry. I am pleased to offer my editor and network to bring this innovation to the market. »

Soutenir les startups dans la Blockchain, AI, Chimie des matériaux, 3D Printing and the Circular Economy.

Cristianne Rijcken

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« My personal aspiration is to use the best of science to solve universal
needs, and this from a corporate perspective to make really worldwide
impact. Since being truly sustainable is becoming urgently more important,
Boostani’s scientific approach to generate fully recyclable packaging is a
highly attractive one; and also commercially viable. »

Fondatrice et CSO Cristal Therapeutics.